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Emergent: Journal of Educational Discoveries and Lifelong Learning (EJEDL) is a scholarly peer-reviewed international Journal. The journal implements a double-blind peer review for articles. The research manuscript must pass through the plagiarism check before being allotted to the reviewers. The open-access journal ensures the quality of published articles. Educators and researchers all over the world are invited to publish their original discoveries in educational practices from the perspective of lifelong learning.

ISSN: 2776-0995
Impact Factor: 8.39

The journal covers the following areas:

  • Multidisciplinary Education: Integrating educational psychology, educational policy, and learning technology to comprehend and develop effective educational practices.
  • Inclusive Learning and Special Education: Addressing inclusive learning, special education, and educational support for students with special needs.
  • Curriculum and Learning Development: Focusing on curriculum design, instructional material development, as well as innovative teaching strategies and methods.
  • Education Evaluation and Assessment: Exploring evaluation techniques, educational assessment, and performance measurement, as well as the use of data to enhance learning.
  • Educational Technology and E-Learning: Investigating the use of technology in an educational context, including e-learning, online platforms, and educational applications.
  • Educational Psychology and Child Development: Examining psychological aspects in education, child development, and student well-being.
  • Educational Leadership and School Management: Exploring the role of leadership in school management, staff development, and institutional improvement.
  • Higher Education and Educational Policy: Delving into higher education, educational policies, university evaluations, and challenges in global higher education.
  • Multicultural Education and Social Inclusion: Discussing multicultural education, social inclusion, and efforts to create a diverse and inclusive educational environment.
  • Vocational Education and Career Development: Investigating vocational education, training, and career development in the context of workforce preparation.

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Vol. 1 No. 4 (2022): December


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